Hey, Farm Kids! Welcome to the newest blog at Living History Farms: LHF Kids! On this blog, we want to share stories, craft ideas, photos, games and recipes with you and your care-givers! We are excited for you to share your ideas and stories here, too! Kids and their families are our favorite guests at Living History Farms.

family at 1850 Farm

Kids ask great questions about how things work and why.

Print Shop

Kids help us with chores and love to get their hands dirty!

chores at Tangen

Kids want to have fun and learn about others. We do too! This blog is a way for us to do this right on your computer.

All year long, Farm Kids will read about the people, animals, and tools they see at the museum. On the blog, Farm Kids will meet our museum guides and be able to post questions for them. Detective Farm Kids can answer riddles and solve “Where’s the What’s-it?” photo hunts. Crafty Farm Kids can find recipes and projects to try at home. Thoughtful Farm Kids can share their stories and answer questions. Both kids and care-givers will find tips for when to see special activities or events and how to have a great time on their museum tour! Join us here each week to find out what is going on at Living History Farms!

Just to get you started, can you solve this riddle?

Question:  What do you call a crazy chicken?


Answer: A cuckoo-cluck.

How about this one?

Question: Why did the turkey cross the road?  


Answer:  To prove he wasn’t chicken.


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